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She looks super proud of herself.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Hair Evolution

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If you’re going to fuck around like this Lionsgate, at least give us a picture of Peeta Mellark chained to a hospital bed for our troubles.

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Josh + Jennifer + his prop machete

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Jotato...will you write me some Joshifer smutty smut? PLEASE I NEEDS IT



But yes sure, I wouldn’t mind writing you something <3 ^^! It’ll have to be tomorrow though because it’s late here and I’m actually trying to fix my sleep schedule lolno im not but i like to think that i am.

And that way if I get writing and really get into it, I can perhaps turn it into a one-shot depending on what I write, because it’ll be a weekend and I’ll be able to stay up until some ungodly hour typing away haha. But yes I love you and I’ll certainly…try…to adhere to your smutty Joshifer needs lol!

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joshifer, water balloons, and a party


Okay so this is longer than three sentences

Josh snickered as he used the Bunch of Balloons he’d bought off one of those infomercials at three in the morning to fill up the one hundred water balloons that it promised per branch.  He was throwing a celebratory barbeque for the Hunger Games cast for the premiere of Mockingjay Part One, and in the midst of the sweltering heat wave they were experiencing in LA, Jennifer had insisted on a water balloon fight.  He cocked his head to the side an eyed Jennifer calmly filling up her one balloon at a time and sniggered.  “Falling behind there, Lawrence.”

“Yeah well, I didn’t realize you’d be cheating,” she said throwing a tied off balloon in a tub.

“This isn’t cheating, this is ingenuity.”

“Uh huh,” she said rolling her eyes as he shook the branch and the 100 balloons fell off into his tub, perfectly tied.

He grabbed one of the perfectly formed water balloons and threw it square at her back hitting her with a pleasing SPLAT.

“What the fuck, Josh?”  She shouted turning around. 

Another balloon hit her popping on her chest soaking her white tank top, “This was an excellent idea, baby,” he grinned, admiring her now see through shirt.

She pushed her hair out of face and fired back at him with one of her few balloons, splattering his t-shirt with water and held up a second balloon menacingly.

“Now just think if you really want to do that, you have what?  Five more balloons in there?  I have 100.  You are no match for me; you will be defeated.”

Jennifer looked down at her tub and sighed, he was unfortunately right, no matter how much it killed her.  She set her balloon back down in the tub and watched as Josh nodded and returned to his second branch of balloons.  A slow grin came over her face as she eyed the cooler sitting on the patio.  He had placed some ice in it, but not the beers.  While he was distracted by his balloon empire she made her way to the smaller cooler and walked back towards Josh, reaching down to grab her abandoned garden hose on the way.

Slowly she sauntered up behind him positioning herself for the kill.

She heaved the bucket of ice on his body earning a high pitched shriek and then doused him with the thick heavy stream of the garden hose, “There’s your ice bucket challenge bitch!” She cackled as his mouth formed a perfect “O” complimenting his surprised expression.  “The look of defeat,” she taunted running towards the back patio door before his limbs could catch up with his mind.

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Jennifer-Louisville Cardinals, Josh- Kentucky Wildcats

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